Things We Love: Architecture Themed Eggs

  • March 31st, 2016

You may have eaten too many Easter eggs over the Easter break and can’t bear the thought at seeing another. But these architecture-themed Easter eggs might convince you to embrace the egg yet again.

Architecture and design blog Archdaily recently launched a design competition where participants from around the world illustrated or animated a single white egg, transforming them into architecture inspired gems.

From gifs to famous architects as eggs, the competition received over 450 submissions.

We love this design by Rémon Mulder (pictured above) where a whole community is condensed to just one egg.

We’re also quite partial to Daniek Reijnder’s design (below) for her whimsical twist on the Foster + Partners 30 St Mary Axe building. The design playfully depicts Norman Foster peeking from the egg.

Next Easter we’ll be requesting the bunny delivers beauties like these.