Things We Love: Miniature Treehouse Sculptures

Treehouses are not just a plaything for kids – as we discovered when selecting 50 of our favourite treehouse designs from around the world.

They can be wild realisations of the union between man-made abodes and plant life in its most archetypal, grounded form. They can be reflections of eco-friendly sustainable design. Or they can be beautiful pieces of architecture, existing for their own sake as the manifestation of a creator’s mind. Just like these delightful miniature treehouses by artist Jedediah Corwyn Voltz that are perched among potted plants.

Some 25 little structures have been created to date, each complementing the plants they inhabit. The miniature dwellings resemble everything from tiny watchtowers to large bustling windmills or water wheels. Each structure is made from foraged and scrap pieces of wood, silk fabric and semi-precious stones and are populated with furniture, rugs, artworks and various other accessories, giving the sense that there are real little people living there.

With over ten years of professional prop making experience, LA-based artist Voltz began by ‘. . . making little fantasy constructions out of left over stuff during my downtime, which led to me building some more serious ones in little diorama settings.’

We think these houseplant treehouses are adorable and perfectly appeal to the child-like imagination – bringing us back to old memories of our youth and the days we spent clambering around full-sized ones.