Things We Love: World’s First 3d-printed Supercar

  • August 31st, 2015

This curvaceous supercar is one of the greenest and most powerful cars in the world – and it accelerated out of a 3D printer!

Created by Divergent Microfactories, the Blade supercar prototype incorporates 3D printing technologies to dramatically reduce the pollution, materials and capital costs associated with building cars.

Divergent’s build technique differs from others through a solution the company calls ‘nodes’. Nodes are complex 3D printed aluminium junctions that are connected by carbon-fibre tubes – like the wagon wheels and wood rods of Tinkertoys. The nodes cut down the actual amount of 3D printing required to build the car’s framework and can be assembled in just minutes.

The weight of the node-enabled framework is up to 90% lighter than traditional cars, despite being much stronger and more durable. This results in better fuel economy and less wear on roads.

By dramatically reducing materials and energy use, 3D printed cars are fast becoming the cars of the not-to-distant future. So get ready to rev your 3D engines.