3 Scientifically-backed Tips To Create A Happier Home

1. Furnish your home with round items

Research by the Harvard Medical School revealed that the type of contour an object possesses has a critical influence on a person’s attitude towards it. The study revealed a distinct affection towards curves, as they convey warmth. People showed less inclination to sharper edged objects, which were perceived as being more threatening and aggressive. Why not furnish your modular home with round items?

2. Showcase sentimental items

A study at North Dakota University found that indulging in nostalgic thinking is very psychologically positive. Participants in the study who were more open to reminiscing about the past had the highest scores in happiness and self-esteem. Showcasing sentimental items around the home is a great way to trigger happy thoughts and memories.

3. Paint it green

Researchers at the Vrije University in Amsterdam found that people associate green with positive experiences – in particular happiness. Colours such as red and black however have the opposite effect and are associated with negative experiences. Consider painting an accent wall in your modular home green, or adding a green rug to your eco house.