Upcycle Studios: Turning Waste into Sustainable Living

In the heart of Copenhagen’s Ørestad district, Danish architecture firm Lendager Group has masterfully crafted Upcycle Studios, a cluster of twenty townhouses that showcase a forward-thinking approach to sustainable construction.

The project hinges on repurposing materials such as recycled concrete, double glazing from renovated buildings, and discarded wood flooring. Danish wood manufacturer Dinesen provided the wood, which would have otherwise been incinerated as waste. The project’s 850 tonnes of concrete were poured using leftover aggregate from the Copenhagen Metro construction.

Lendager Group’s dedication to a circular economy is reflected in the design of each long, slender house, whose geometric wooden frame and expansive glazing create striking façades. Behind these façades is a double-height reception area, further enhanced by a mezzanine level and a cantilevered second-floor bedroom. The entire structure reveals an intentional staggered orientation, emphasised by thick concrete partitions separating each home, with substantial walls ensuring privacy and a distinctive profile. This staggered arrangement also makes room for roof gardens and solar panels, facilitating a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Sustainable living is further encouraged through spacious designs, promoting a good indoor climate and offering flexibility for various uses. With spaces adaptable for home offices, rentals, workshops, and more, residents are empowered to customise their living environments as they see fit.

Lendager Group’s innovative use of waste materials makes Upcycle Studios an environmental pioneer, reducing projected CO2 emissions over 50 years by around 60%. This project paves the way towards a more sustainable future, showing how eco-friendly practices can be seamlessly integrated without sacrificing quality, aesthetics, or affordability.

Upcycle Studios is just the beginning, with Lendager Group now planning a 35,000m² eco-village in Ørestad South alongside Årstiderne Arkitekter. This ambitious vision reinforces the group’s commitment to sustainable architecture, ensuring that environmental impact and high-quality design coexist harmoniously.


Upcycle Studios by Lendager Group, 2018 in Oerestad, Copenhagen.


Photography by Rasmus Hjortshøj.