Vote To Green Your Favourite Cbd Laneway

  • November 10th, 2015

Melbourne’s laneways are going green. And you can have your say as to which ones are transformed as part of The City of Melbourne’s Love Your Laneways program.

Up to four laneways will be given a green makeover using a mixture of planter boxes, vertical gardens, climbing plants and trees as part of a wider push to introduce more plants into the city.

According to Cr Arron Wood, Chair of the City of Melbourne’s environment portfolio, there are over 200 lanes in our central city, but only a small number of these lanes have greenery.

“This is about making Melbourne’s famous laneways more appealing, green and sustainable places” said Cr Wood.

Vegetation will be planted in built-up areas, helping to create cool microclimates, curb urban heating and capture stormwater while making lanes more attractive.

A series of online maps have been developed which specify the greening potential of the city lanes.

By taking into account details like exposure to sunlight and wind, access to stormwater, the number of driveways and bins, the council has ranked the lanes according to their sustainability for different planting treatment.

If you’ve got a favourite CBD laneway that you’d like to see transformed you have until this Friday to nominate it. The public vote will result in a shortlist from which an expert panel of engineers, sustainability professionals, landscape architects and place makers will decide on the laneways to be chosen for the initial regeneration.

Visit to view the laneway maps and submit your nomination.