White High House

  • August 31st, 2017

Eye-catching designs and stunning architecture is something that effortlessly captures our attention and imagination. That’s why we were instantly drawn to the High House by Delordinaire.

Standing proud on the snow laden slopes of Quebec, Canada, this bright white gabled house acts as a private chalet for its owners.

Appropriately named ‘High House’ the abode stands elevated, high on stilts and provides unobstructed views above the tree line to the Laurentian Mountains.

Sheltering beneath the base of the house, an outdoor living space is created with a warming stove providing an unusual space where residents can rest in comfort. After rising up the narrow black staircase from the snow, visitors are welcomed into a warm timber-lined open plan living space. Thanks to large windows the house is well lit all day long and offers spectacular views towards the slopes of Mont Sainte Anne – a popular ski resort in Quebec.

The building is compact and minimalistic, with clean, sharp lines, an all-white exterior, off-white concrete panel cladding and corrugated steel roof panels. When the days are snowy the house will almost disappear and blend into the white landscape.

The Paris-based architecture studio, Delordinaire, has created an energy efficient home that forms a peaceful oasis immersed in the environment yet still enjoying protection from the extreme outdoor conditions. In all of their projects Delordinaire explores atypical ways of combining everyday rituals and practices to find creative ways for people to come together.