Wireless Phone Charging Table

  • September 25th, 2015

If you have visited our display suite in Brooklyn you will know that we have a love of modern, clutter-free design. So it is probably no surprise that we love this new side table by London-based firm Fonesalesman.

Crafted from sustainable, hand-harvested bamboo, the side table features wireless charging technology seamlessly integrated into its minimalistic design and totally eliminating the need for unsightly cables.

Two round charging pucks have been hidden underneath the table top to transmit power. You simply place down any device that supports Qi wireless charging technology on the table and watch it magically charge.

For its own power source, the table requires a power cable but it’s a standard USB cable, the same colour as the wood, and can be bound to one of the legs.

We love it when technology is integrated into great-looking design and blends effortlessly into the home environment. You may even see one of these side tables in our display suite soon.