Museum of Architectural Models

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Architects have been creating models for years as an instrument to visualise and experiment with form. Models are a design development tool and crucial lessons can be learnt through the testing of ideas in a miniature format. But most of these models are only occasionally exhibited to the public. That is until Archi Depot opened in Toyko’s Shinagawa district.

Archi Depot is a new museum which puts models in the limelight, showcasing them as works of art in themselves. Inside the 450sqm cavernous space are rows and rows of dramatically lit miniature designs, many of which serve as the tiny precursors to some of the city’s top attractions such as the Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo International Airport. 

Things we love: Modscape on The Block

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If you were one of the 1mil+ viewers who tuned in to the first episode of Nine’s reality renovation show, The Block, you would have seen five Modscape modules being craned onto the top of a Port Melbourne building.

The modules utilized our steel frame construction but were ripe for renovating as part of the contestants’ first 48 hour challenge.  The couples got to work fitting out a bedroom and bathroom that would be their home for the duration of the competition and, in between the tears, demonstrated a practical use of space.

Rio’s prefabricated, modular stadiums will be removed, rebuilt and repurposed

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The 2016 Olympic Games may be over, but it’s not the end for the Rio de Janeiro stadiums.

In the past, the games have been notorious for leaving burdensome buildings behind. After the medals have all been won and the crowds have dispersed, the facilities mostly lie empty and are never used to full capacity again. Just look at the rusting and underutilized Olympic Park in Athens. Or the famous Bird’s Nest stadium in Beijing – now sitting empty but for a few tourists and costing $11 mil a year to maintain.

Because of the underutilization of the facilities post-games, the International Olympic Committee has directed organizers and host cities to consider how they will be used after the closing ceremony – and Rio is in line for a gold medal based on its impressive removal, rebuild and repurpose response to date.

Things we love (when there is no love): Divorce house

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Divorces can be messy. Well at least now you don’t have to worry about the house.

Amsterdam-based Studio OBA has designed a concept home that literally breaks up when its owners do. Responding to the increase in divorce rates, the studio created a floating home concept that makes domestic uncoupling a whole lot easier. Called ‘Prenuptial Housing’, the idea was conceived by Omar Kbiri who wanted to help divorcees avoid a real estate battle after their relationship fell apart. 

Periscope Tower

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Located on the shore of a man-made lake near Seinäjoki, western Finland, stands a stunningly simple prefabricated wooden tower offering a spectacular view of the surrounds. But the real beauty of the tower lies in its viewing platform options.

Whether you decide to trek the stairs to the top or stay on the banks of the lake, you are guaranteed the same bird’s eye view thanks to a series of large mirrors forming a periscope.

Open House Melbourne Weekend

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Not long to wait until 2016 Open House Melbourne Weekend- and we’re counting the sleeps.

As mentioned last month, Modscape recently became an Official Practice Partner for the 2016 Open House Melbourne Weekend. Open House Melbourne’s goal is to ensure Melbourne remains a liveable and vibrant place by better connecting people with their city and educating our city’s future custodians on the importance of good design. And we’re thrilled to help them do it. 

Project Shoreham

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Orientated to enjoy the dramatic views across Western Port Bay, this holiday home in Shoreham, Victoria provides all the essentials for a beachside getaway.

The dwelling is arranged over two levels with a timber clad box atop a black metal base. The clients’ brief was to capitalise on the beautiful sea views so the main living space and master bedroom are elevated to the first floor. With the sea views to the south a secondary outdoor area was constructed to take full advantage of the northern sun. 

Things we love: Open House Melbourne

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We love good architecture and design. So it’s no surprise that we are a big fan of Open House Melbourne and the Open House Worldwide Network.

‘Open House’ is a simple but powerful concept – showcasing outstanding architecture for all to experience, completely for free. Open House initiatives encouraging everyone to go exploring in their city and discover the value of a well-designed built environment. 

Introductory rooms

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When you walk into the introductory room at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice you’ll be overwhelmed by lengths of crumpled metal channelling hovering above your head – and all of it is “waste”.

2016 Pritzker prize winning architect, Alejandro Aravena, alongside his team from ELEMENTAL reused over 14 kilometres of scrap metal generated by the dismantling of the previous 2015 Venice Art Biennale. Similarly, the walls are covered by 10,000 sqm of stacked plasterboard dividing each space and showing a snippet of the other exhibitions on display at various venues across Venice.