Sustainable Design Principles

Our sustainable design principles minimise environmental impact, maximise year round comfort and reduce running costs. These principles are applied to every aspect of your home’s design – including the material selection, the systems utilised, and the operations.

Energy Efficient Design

Our homes employ passive design – design that takes advantage of the climate to maintain a comfortable temperature range in the home by reducing the need for auxiliary heating or cooling.

Your site is firstly analysed for effective orientation. Passive heating and cooling is then optimised through shading, ventilation, glazing, orientation, windows and insulation. High thermal insulation (SIPs, double glazed windows) and cross-ventilation is utilised, while any high glazed areas are controlled with screening. All of our homes meet 6 star energy rating requirements however it is common for them to achieve a higher energy rating depending on the design.

Eco-friendly Materials

All our homes use materials that are recyclable, reconstituted or sustainably sourced. The emphasis on environmental synergy influences our material selection process and ensures that only inputs of the highest quality are incorporated into our designs. Zero formaldehyde products and low VOC paints, adhesives and sealants are all selected, and our structural steel frames can be recycled at the end of their lifespan. If timber is used to clad your home, it is sourced from a sustainable plantation forest.

At all times in designing and constructing your home, we strive to:

  • Minimise natural resource usage
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Maximise the use of reusable energy
  • Source sustainable materials and those with low embodied energy
  • Utilise environmentally credible production
  • Recycle and reuse where possible

Energy Efficient Systems

The systems we incorporate into our designs are all selected to complement the construction of a sustainable home.

Sustainable systems include energy efficient appliances, WELS rated water fixtures, energy efficient heating and cooling (preferably hydronic heating and ceiling fans), off grid services and water reticulation. Rainwater is collected for potable use, and greywater can be recycled for toilets and irrigation.


A carbon-wise construction and installation process is incorporated into each Modscape build.

By constructing your home at our modular construction hub we are able to reduce site waste and environmental impact. Our designs are finalised to use standard building material sizes and any material wastage is recycled. It is estimated that the waste from one of our homes fills approximately an 8-meter cubic bin. Having the construction take place in a factory rather than on-site also minimises noise, rubbish, dust and debris and maximises the quality of the final product.

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