2016 Architecture Iphone Photography Awards

Have an iPhone and an interest in photography? The team at Modscape answered yes to both of those questions and were totally inspired by the photographs in the architecture category of the 2016 iPhone Photography Awards

Now in its 9th year, the competition’s category celebrates digital photography of the built environment. It was open to anyone from around the world with the simple prerequisite of the image needing to be shot on an iPhone or iPad. 

Photography has become accessible to the masses like never before with the ubiquity of smartphones and the iPhone Photography Awards celebrate this wonderful fact.

“The awards pay tribute to the stunning imagery that can be captured with even the smallest of cameras, reminding us that the person behind the lens plays a significant part in the making of a picture,” says Rachel Lowry from TIME Magazine.

The 2016 winning photo (above) is called China Red and was taken by Jian Wang at Beijing Olympic Park.

Highlights for this year’s competition also include Patryk Kuleta’s Modern Cathedral series – a selection of images which feature layered-exposure captures of historic cathedrals around Europe. To view this photograph and the other category winners visit the awards website – http://www.ippawards.com/2016-photographers-of-the-year/