Birdbox Prefabricated Cabins

  • April 3rd, 2020

These are crazy, unprecedented times and at present we’re encouraged to stay at home – but there’s nothing to say our minds can’t wander… and we’ve found the perfect place.

Travel (digitally) to Norway where there’s an abundance of incredible, unspoilt nature – from wild fjords and jagged coastlines to icy glaciers and fertile green forests. Here you’ll find these incredible prefabricated cabins, perched on hillsides, where you can gaze over the lush landscape from the comfort of your bed.

Minimalist in design with a sleek black exterior, Birdbox cabins by Norwegian design studio Livit, don’t detract from their surroundings.

The cabins are prefabricated offsite and can be lifted in place with a helicopter, meaning that they can be installed in interesting, isolated and hard-to-reach locations. They’re then mounted on adjustable legs so they can adapt to the terrain and leave a minimal environmental footprint.

“We wanted to create a product that could enable unique experiences with a minimal footprint,” explains Torstein Aa, the designer of Birdbox and co-founder of Livit. “Built in composites to withstand any environment with no need for maintenance, Birdbox can be lifted in place with a helicopter and mounted on columns to ensure reversible impact on nature.”

There are currently two birdboxes placed on the west coast of Norway which are available to book once the world returns to some sort of normalcy. They’re also available to purchase, so it won’t be long until more birdboxes pop up in more locations.

Every now and then we all crave peace and quiet – a chance to get away and escape to somewhere relaxing and secluded. Whether you’re craving a memorable vacation or simply yearning to go off-grid for a while, a Birdbox cabin can do the trick. You can isolate yourself from the world (if you haven’t had enough of isolation that is) and enjoy some solitude filled with peace and tranquillity.

Images via Livit