5 Ways to Improve the Sustainability of Your New Modular Home

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Merricks Home

Australian households are responsible for one-fifth of the nation’s greenhouse emissions while homeowners struggle to stay afloat in a sea of rising energy needs and costs. But as this drives us to innovate and improve the efficiency of our homes – both for individual rewards and environmental wellbeing – running a carbon-neutral household is becoming an increasingly realistic goal, especially for those seeking to build rather than buy their next home.

Choosing to design and build your home rather than purchase a pre-existing house presents a host of opportunities to make choices that will slash your bills and spare the planet. While typically the notion of sustainable house design conjures images of green appliances and compost, the potential for a new home’s sustainability begins long before any construction begins

So how can you affordably and effectively strive for a greener home?

Modscape Open Day 2017

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We’re doing it again! After the success of previous years events, we’ll be opening up our doors on Saturday 14th October between 12:00 – 2:00pm.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how our modular projects are created at our innovative modular construction hub in Brooklyn. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet the team and learn how the process works over a burger or taco from Beatbox Kitchen or Taco Truck Melbourne.

Plus: go in the draw to win a FREE Site Inspection package valued at $6600 (terms and conditions apply)

RSVP to attend and go in the draw to win.

Modular Homes vs. Traditional Homes: 4 Key Differences

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A common question the Modscape team gets from people looking to build their dream home and are new to the concept of modular construction is “what are the main differences between a traditional home and a modular home?”.

Both construction methods begin in the same way, with site analysis, design development and attaining the necessary council approvals. Once you reach the construction stage of the cycle the differences between the two construction methods (and the benefits of modular design) emerge.

Here are the four key differences between a modular home and a traditional home: 

Our Pick Of Compact Prefab House Projects in Europe (+ 1 Aussie)

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Prefabricated building technology has come a long way since the low quality, mass produced, repetitive designs of bygone eras. Today, prefab is all about quality, predictable costs and the experimentation of new materials and construction methods.

In parts of Europe, prefabricated construction accounts for up to 80% of all new housing built and we often look to the continent for design inspiration, especially their compact prefab house designs.

Here are four impressive compact prefab house concepts from across Europe that inspire us (plus one Aussie prefabricated house design we absolutely love): 

Project Portsea

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In the coastal suburb of Portsea, Victoria stands this striking modular home which looks as impressive today as it did when it was installed over five years ago.

Part of our design philosophy is to create contemporary spaces that not only look beautiful and are functional, but also possess a long lifespan and continue to adapt and grow with their surrounding environments. The Portsea home is a great illustration of this – the coastal beauty continues to age gracefully over time. 

Things we love: Upcycled furniture

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Demolishing old buildings produces huge amounts of waste. In fact, in Australia the construction industry generates around 40% of the country’s waste. We think it is high time someone got creative with the rubble after the wrecking ball hits, so we were delighted to stumble across StoneCycling.

Since 2013, Amsterdam-based start-up StoneCycling has been developing ways to transform architectural waste salvaged from demolished structures. The company’s new arm of business collaboration with a local design studio, Ultra Studio, and introduced the creation of upcycled furniture pieces. 

White High House

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Eye-catching designs and stunning architecture is something that effortlessly captures our attention and imagination. That’s why we were instantly drawn to the High House by Delordinaire.

Standing proud on the snow laden slopes of Quebec, Canada, this bright white gabled house acts as a private chalet for its owners.

Appropriately named ‘High House’ the abode stands elevated, high on stilts and provides unobstructed views above the tree line to the Laurentian Mountains.

Permits and Your Prefabricated Home

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Frequently asked questions we get at Modscape often relate to permits – everything from do I need one, to what’s the cost, and how long will it take. Naturally every modular design project is unique so permit requirements can differ, but the following FAQ post will hopefully give you an introduction to planning and building permits when it comes to prefabricated modular homes.

Do I need a permit if I’m building a prefabricated modular home?

Like a conventional build project, permits are required to build a modular home. Regardless of whether you are building insitu onsite with a slab or constructing a prefab home in a factory and transporting to site, the permit process is very similar.

Four architectural installations we’d love to visit

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There’s something quite exciting about architectural installations – they bring something new and unexpected to a familiar location. They are often multisensory, blurring the lines between what is art and what is architecture. And they are a major drawcard for tourists and locals alike, making us rethink the spaces we inhabit. When travelling abroad, the team at Modscape always aim to have an architectural installation on their must see list for design inspiration. We recently polled the office on their top four wish list and these were the winners: