Eco Friendly Homes: Going Geothermal

Home heating systems are a worthwhile investment in every home and essential for when those ridiculously cold mornings and nights set in.

Eco friendly heating systems are more efficient and much safer than any fireplace. However, the common option for many eco friendly homes is the heat pump HVAC system, which can perform both heating and cooling functions. In the hotter months, these heat pumps expel the heat in your home in order to replace it with colder air. In the colder months, it expels the cold air and replaces it with warmer air.

But there is another type of heating system that is growing more and more popular for its efficiency and ability to use up clean energy, whilst adding value to your modular home.

Geothermal heat pumps

Geothermal heat pumps are naturally environmentally friendly and are more energy efficient.

A geothermal heat pump is an all-in-one system. It can provide you with heating, air conditioning, hot water, and even dehumidifying functions. You’ll no longer need several different systems to provide you with these needs.

It works by extracting heat directly from the ground during cold months. In the hotter months, it transfers the heat from your prefab home and back into the ground. Experts claim that geothermal heat pumps can provide three units of heat for every unit required to power them.

The only thing that’s making people more hesitant to install geothermal heat pumps in their modular homes is that geothermal furnace prices can be up to five times more costly than mid-to-low-efficiency, alternative systems. But before making the call you have to consider its other great benefits:

  • Expensive as the installation may be, this system allows you to save up on energy costs. Take the example of paying $2000 annually for heating, cooling and hot water usage. You can save up to 80% when you’re using geothermal heat pumps, thereby reducing your annual power costs to $400 or $33 each month.
  • It’s common knowledge that natural gas, oil and wood-burning systems emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. What’s worse is that certain chemicals may also be released into the air when these systems are used. These gases, when assessed at a larger scale such as an entire community or a city, can greatly pollute the environment.
  • Geothermal heat pumps are closed systems, and don’t emit gases. In addition, it’s also much safer for everyone in the home as there are no potentially explosive or polluting gases being released into your home. Just imagine being able to breathe clean air while also doing your part for the earth’s preservation.

Energy taken from within the ground doesn’t require non-renewable resources to be used up. When you choose to use geothermal energy, you’re not taking a portion of the earth’s coal, natural gas or oil resources. Instead, you’re helping to preserve them by using a system that doesn’t require them.

Whether you want to cut energy costs or you want to do your share in preserving the environment and having a more sustainable house, geothermal heat pumps are an amazing option. By getting a quote from your nearest provider, you can be well on your way to living in a cleaner and more eco friendly home.