Habitus Living: Five Of The Best Australian Prefab Houses

  • January 7th, 2019

As the demand for prefab housing continues to grow, Habitus Living looks at five Australian examples that disrupt the out-dated stereotypes. We’re chuffed to see our Ivanhoe extension featured.

The benefits of prefabrication have become increasingly recognised within Australia’s residential sector and, as an industry, it’s burgeoning. At a micro level, prefab housing (or modular housing) is an affordable building option for clients mindful of budget. However, at the macro level, many believe it has a role to play in alleviating societal housing crises.

Certainly, the pros can be rattled off like a shopping list: reduces waste and is environmentally sustainable, promotes safety because construction takes place in a controlled factory setting, saves time during construction, cost-effective because of the reduction in on-site work and promotes the use of lightweight materials that aid in passive design, to name a few.  To see five projects selected by Habitus Living by some of the very best in the business who disrupt outdated stereotypes of what a prefab house looks like, visit the Habitus Living website.