Modules inform design

One of the beauties of a Modscape home is that it is built and installed in just 12 weeks.

How can we achieve this?

Well we definitely aren’t working around the clock (although sometimes we do!). The efficient construction cycle is thanks to our winning combination of modularisation and prefabrication.

These two work hand in hand to create a degree of automation that simply cannot be achieved on-site. By building in our factory, the risk of weather and site delays is eliminated, allowing for a fixed timeline for design, construction and delivery.

So exactly what is a module?

A module is a fully welded structural steel frame that uses structurally insulated panels to create a highly insulated cell.

And does building with modules mean you are stuck with a certain design?

Not at all. When it comes to design, modules can inform homes and can also be used to create almost any configuration of spaces. All of our modules are customised to suit each design, and the majority of our homes use a combination of module sizes – placing them side-by-side or end-to-end.

The benefits of modules don’t stop there. Our homes are fabricated to completion prior to leaving our factory – not only minimising the amount of work required on site, but also enabling us to oversee and achieve a consistent level of quality.

Design and finish options are limitless, but every design is the result of a genuine collaboration with each client that centres around their specific project requirements, site and budget. Openness and collaboration with our clients ensure their interests are at the heart of everything we design.

Design led but totally flexible in outcome, the Modscape modular method offers the very best in contemporary prefabricated homes and building solutions.

Contact us to find out how a modular solution can work for you.