The Mountain Refuge: A Getaway For The Mind And Body

The Mountain Refuge – a tiny, prefab timber home – is just as it suggests, a welcoming built getaway for the mind and body among the mountainous country landscape.

Designed by Italian architects Gnocchi+Danesi, the cabin is a concept based on modularity and thus is intrinsically adaptable and flexible. The original concept is comprised of two modules, which is designed to be brought in via helicopter, however different layout configurations give way to the possibility for larger spaces, utilising more modules.

“Each module has an independent structure, allowing freedom of configuration and expansion,” explain the architects. “We are working to reach a level of engineering so that people can ask for the pieces to assemble their own.”

The project, which is currently under development, “acts as a contemporary interpretation of old traditional mountain refuges, bringing in architectural character and spatial quality,” says Gnocchi+Danesi.

The cabin’s ability to be carried by helicopter lends itself to creative and unconventional build locations such as alpine regions, difficult to access cliffs or middle-of-nowhere bush hideaways. In such locations, it is absolutely necessary to take full advantage of the outlying and not-often-seen vistas. Full-height windows frame the surrounding landscape, and there couldn’t be a more perfect spot to sit around a fire than with a view like that.

Cedar envelops the bathroom, bringing the smell of the outdoors inside, while intelligent space management allows the small bathroom to feel comfortable, with streams of natural light entering via the window and skylight above the sink.

See more of the project in the below short film and stay updated about the project’s developments at

Architecture by Massimo Gnocchi and Paolo Denesi.