New Online Hub For Prefabricated Modular Homes

Prefab homes by Modscape

We’re excited to report that prefabAUS’s new website – – went live this week, creating a new online hub for prefabricated homes and pre built homes.

prefabAUS is a peak Australian body that was established to represent, showcase and advance Australia’s prefabricated industry through collaboration, innovation and education. Modscape’s own, Jan Gyrn, is one of the founding directors of the organisation . . .

prefabAUS originally emerged from the Australian Research Council Linkage Grant Future Proofing Schools Round Table Session held back in June 2012. Fifty-four delegates from manufacturing, architecture, government infrastructure, and university research teams met to explore the future of prefabrication for the education sector. One core resolution that emerged from the Round Table Session was the need for a peak body to be established for Australia’s prefabricated building industry in order to better support collaboration, innovation and quality information sharing.

In this spirit, prefabAUS works with manufacturers, architects, building designers, engineers, and other construction professionals, affiliated industry associations, research bodies, client groups, government agencies, and regulatory bodies to advance Australian building prefabrication.

The new website has been developed to educate people on the benefits of modern building prefabrication and pre built houses, and act as a portal for quality information about Australian prefab buildings and prefab homes.

In Japan and across Europe, prefabrication is widely accepted as an alternative to traditional construction. prefabAUS is working towards similar shifts in Australia, providing the consumer with increased choice coupled with a strong commitment to advancing our manufacturing sector. We’re hoping that the end result is a visible increase in prefabricated homes Australia wide!

So while we are on the topic, what exactly is a prefab house and prefab housing?

Prefab is short for prefabrication and refers to any part of a building that has been fabricated or prebuilt at a place other than its final location. Modscape’s factory built homes are a perfect example of custom prefabricated homes.

Prefabrication is an ‘umbrella’ term and it covers the range of different systems and processes of a prefabricated homes plans , including components such as wall frames, roof trusses or insulated wall panels, right through to the construction used in modular homes and complete buildings.

Modscape’s eco modular homes all bring with them the environmental benefits of sustainable housing. Being eco prefabricated homes, the factory manufactured houses also mean minimum site disturbances and tightly managed material flow and construction waste. A further tick for the environment is the pre-planned assembly and disassembly that come with being a transportable home.

Unlike many house kits, Modscape’s modular houses allow for a level of custom home design, and the Melbourne factory environment in which the custom modules are prebuilt enables a rigorous level of quality control to be achieved.

For these reasons and more, Modscape is very passionate about all things prefab and we are delighted to be able to further spread the word through the new prefabAUS website.

The website includes a look at: how prefab is transforming building in Australia; the different types of prefabricated construction; the history of prefab; prefab in the 21st century; and prefab lessons from Japan, Europe, New Zealand and the USA. Check it out at