Our Top Modular Gifts For Little And Big Kids

  • December 14th, 2015

If you are looking for some modular Christmas inspiration to set the creative juices flowing over summer, we’ve come up with our top three gift ideas for the young and young at heart.

Blockitecture (pictured above)

Inspire any builder’s imagination – from a toddler to an architect – with Blockitecture. The set of nesting hand-painted blocks use leverage and counterbalance to create interesting communities of modular structures. You can even combine multiple sets to create larger cityscape environments.

Crafted from New Zealand pine wood, these little buildings serve to challenge the builder’s creativity and understanding of physical laws.

With multiple configurations and multiple sets, the classic building block has certainly been given a mature facelift.

Linkki modular toy

‘Linkki’ is a kinetic toy based on planar linkage mechanisms. It encourages kids to design simple movements and teaches them about the adaptability of technology.

The kit comes with a set of bars and shapes that can be powered by three different types of motors. By arranging the parts on a peg board and putting them in motion, kids can easily design simple movements and create various kinetic projects.

Designed by Eunyoung Park, Linkki is an innovative tool that aims to get kids more interested in mechanics, robotics, electronics and model-making by harnessing the power of play. By distilling a complex science down to a simple and intuitive toy, Park hopes kids will “approach this in a more casual, design-and-art-oriented way, just like drawing on paper.”

BLOCKS modular smartwatch

If you’re not impressed by the smartwatches out there, why not build your own?

Introducing BLOCKS – the world’s first modular smartwatch that lets you choose the features and designs that best suit your lifestyle and your needs.

A simple round watch face forms the core of the watch. Owners can then add additional modules – each with their own function – and connect them together to form the band.

Each module has its own special feature, such as a heart-rate monitor, an extra battery and a GPS tracker. The modules can be customized and upgraded piece by piece to give you a choice of the functions that matter to you.

One of the benefits of a modular system like BLOCKS is that when a new feature is developed, you can simply swap them in – without needing to buy an entirely new watch. It’s definitely on our wishlist this year.