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PrefabAUS is the hub for Australia’s prefabrication industry. Its mission is to represent, showcase and advance the prefab industry through collaboration, innovation and education.

The organisation is powered by its multi-disciplinary membership base who include manufacturers, suppliers, architects, engineers, research bodies and client groups – committed to both innovation in our built environment and advancing local industry . . .

Modscape’s Jan Gyrn is one of the founding directors of Prefab Aus so we are slightly biased in our opinion of how important its role is for the prefab industry and promoting a prefab Australia!

Each month PrefabAUS issues an online newsletter where they highlight a heap of interesting industry related news, insights and updates from home and abroad.

In the October issue, Jan shared his adventures at the Fertighaus exhibition in Munich. Fertighaus is a prefabricated homes exhibition consisting of a series of prefab display villages spread throughout Germany and demonstrating something for every taste and every budget. The exhibition also provided an inspirational insight into the future of sustainable design and prefabricated homes in Australia.

Internationally there is a greater uptake of prefab homes in countries where there is an active, purposeful, inspiring peak body dedicated to advancing the building prefabrication and prefabricated homes industry as a whole – so it is fantastic that Australia now can lay claim to having one of these bodies.

If you are a manufacturer of prefabricated homes and buildings, an architect, building designer or construction professional, a member of the supply chain, an affiliated industry group, a client group or a research group then joining prefabAUS connects you with key players in the prefab Australia market.

Membership allows you to become a key player in the future of the industry and guide and participate in discussions that address large industry issues. Being a member also facilitates networking and inspires you with 21st century fabrication technologies. Corporate, Associate, Professional and Small Professional members also get their own dedicated, full page presence in the prefabAUS Directory with active links to their own website.

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For more info on PrefabAUS, check out our previous blog post on the organisation here

Did you know:

  • Circa AD 43, the Romans used prefabricated building elements to build their forts quickly in newly conquered Britain.
  • In the 1500s, the timber components of Nonsuch House (no longer standing) were crafted and painted in Holland and then later assembled in London.
  • The Crystal Palace was assembled in Hyde Park, London from prefabricated cast iron components for the Great Exhibition of 1851. It was then dismantled and assembled elsewhere.
  • For the 1889 World Fair in Paris, Gustav Eiffel designed a ‘temporary’ tower to act as the gateway to the exhibition – all assembled out of prefabricated iron elements. Today it’s one of the most recognisable structures in the world.

Since its formation in July 2010, New Zealand’s industry body PrefabNZ has been a powerhouse of activity and has been an inspirational model for prefabAUS

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