Rebuilding The Northern Rivers School Cluster

This week, we’ve hit another milestone with the installation of 29 modular classrooms and a critical lift shaft at Wardell Public School. The development is part of the Minns government’s ‘Build Back Better¹ initiative, aimed at creating more flood-resilient schools across the Northern Rivers region.

In 2022, the Northern Rivers and North Coast regions of Australia suffered devastating floods, causing extensive damage to several schools. This disaster necessitated an urgent rebuilding of essential infrastructure, a task well within Modscape’s capabilities.

Partnering with Schools Infrastructure NSW, ADCO, and Pedavoli Architects, Modscape is developing six schools as part of the Northern Rivers Flood Recovery Program².

The installation for Wardell Public School marks a significant step forward in the recovery process, following more than two years of offsite learning for students.

For the community, a return to the new and improved learning environment is a sigh of relief.

By utilising modular construction methods for the Northern Rivers Schools³, we can deliver well-designed, resilient educational spaces quickly and safely, ensuring staff and students can return to their routines with minimal disruption.

The key design strategy involves constructing the schools 3 meters above the ground on a steel gantry, significantly enhancing their resilience against potential future floods. Undercroft areas will create a dynamic landscape and play area, doubling as a sheltered outdoor space for students. Additionally, a façade will feature coloured screens to reflect local Indigenous cultural groups and school colours.

For Modscape, our goal remains clear: to deliver high-quality educational facilities that meet the community’s current and future needs of the community.



‘[We’re excited] to finally have it all finished… to set up our classrooms the way we want them and just enjoy the space’

Kim Wheatland Principal at Wardell Public School, speaking to Alexandra Rees on NBN News

A lift shaft provides accessibility to the modular classrooms.