Top 3 Apps For Your Next Project

sustainable house design

In today’s saturated market there is an app for just about everything but we’ve taken the guess work out of it for you and found 3 apps likely to be most useful when planning your next prefab homes project.

Sun Seeker: $9.49

While undoubtedly expensive compared to other apps, Sun Seeker proves value for money with a new and improved upgrade to its software, providing a 3D view of your site’s solar path, sun rise and set times and more. Perfect for architects, interior designers, real estate agents or the novice consumer looking to build or renovate a sustainable house. Just make sure the Compass Calibration is switched on your phone otherwise the app won’t work.

Pinterest: Free

Rated as one of the most popular apps by Apple in 2012, Pinterest allows you to pin your favourite things to create an online virtual pin board for your project and share with other Pinterest users. Arrange your pins by room, colour, or use, find inspiration from other user boards or create new pins with your camera to build your own interactive sustainable house design folio.

Magic Plan: Free

Downloaded by more than 2 million fans, the Magic Plan app will measure and draw your floor plan based on the pictures you’ve taken of your rooms. Particularly helpful when planning renovations or extensions, the app removes the need to measure, draw or move furniture, so all you have to do is walk through your home and snap away. Completed floor plans can be emailed to you in PDF, JPG or DXF format with the option to publish an interactive web version.