Our Top Picks For Christmas Gift Ideas

  • December 18th, 2017

Christmas is fast approaching, but fear not, we’ve selected some of our favourite gifts for the design-lover in your life.

Moleskine’s Smart Writing Set

Doodling and note-taking have been thrust to greater heights and possibilities thanks to Moleskine’s connected pen, notebook and companion app which enable your loved one to digitally edit and share what they create on paper in real-time. The luxury stationery brand are bringing manual note-taking into the digital age, marrying the timeless process of writing on paper with the benefits of being connected to devices.

It’s all thanks to the special coded dotted paper designed to work in tandem with the smartpen, allowing you to indulge in the tactile pleasures of pen and paper. The app then smoothly transfers the handwritten notes and drawings to a digital form with wonderful speed and accuracy. Your loved one will be able to watch their design ideas travel off the page and evolve on screen.

Moleskine traditionalists will be pleased to hear the notebook still includes Moleskine’s iconic design details, from the ivory-coloured pages and familiar rounded corners to the ribbon bookmark and elastic closure.


Blockitecture has expanded – your budding builder can now create larger cityscape environments.

Let their imagination wander as they cantilever and nest the hand-crafted hexagonal blocks to create towers, cities and dwellings, clustering them together to create interesting communities of modular structures.

In the words of the designer James Paulius, Garden City is “optimistic, hopeful and uplifting.” The deluxe set see pavilions and garden terraces added to the original Blockitecture forms to create multiple configurations and wonderful mini cityscapes.

Modular chocolates

As you’re well aware, we’ve got a love for all things modular. And especially when modular comes in a delicious chocolate format.

Compliments are architecturally-inspired modular chocolates that come in a range of flavours which can be enjoyed on their own, or combined to form magnificent taste sensations. Flavours include shortbread, blackcurrant and watermelon just to name a few. They’re a beautiful unexpected paring of chocolate and design by Sydney-based design firm Universal Favourite and patisserie, Bakedown Cakery, who used 3D printing to create the bite-size cube.

“After exploring a wide range of interlocking shape designs, for maximum flexibility and an elegant finish we chose a clean, modular staircase shape for each piece which, when combined with another flavour, creates a single bite-sized cube,” said the Universal Favourite team.

Playing with your food has never been more enjoyable. They’re meant be paired and shared but we’ll totally understand if they never make it to Christmas Day.