Modscape has been working closely with Ramsay Health, SHAPE and Team 2 Architects to deliver a modern health care facility which incorporates low maintenance yet high quality materials to provide additional patient rooms, a rehabilitation gym and necessary staff amenities.

With a combined space of 1598 sqm, the design comprises of 29 modules that connects to the existing hospital facilities via a central linking corridor.

The modules were installed over one weekend using a 450 tonne crane and are raised above a ground floor car park in order to maximise the footprint of the site.

Window seat desks create an articulation on the fa├žade which departs from the traditional, monolithic hospital design.

Each ward room is designed for single occupancy and includes an ensuite, modern furnishings and a bulkhead air-conditioning system that enables room temperatures to be individually adjusted to patient comfort.

Minimal time spent onsite meant less disruption to the day-to-day running of the hospital which, for the hospital was rather imperative.

Watch a video of the install below.