Mackenzie St Display Suite

Constructed to facilitate the sale of a residential apartment tower in Melbourne’s busy CBD, the Mackenzie Street Display Suite was completed in less than eight weeks using seven modules of 7.85m in length, and at an average of 4.25m in width.

Delivering 233sqm of flexible modular space plus outdoor decking, Modscape worked closely with project architects, Elenberg Fraser, to create a unique and highly successful short-term sales facility.

Two meeting rooms as well as staff amenities complement the otherwise entirely open plan sales suite. This allows for both ease of movement as well as a clear vision of the options available in the finished apartments. The internal material palette delicately reflects the level of finish to be offered in the completed apartments, creating a cohesive sales suite.

The modules were moved from site at the end of the three-month sales period and have subsequently been sold and used for office space at another location.

Project Specifications

Large-span open office space, Euroluce lighting, 100% wool carpets