Top 5 Instagram Accounts For Architectural Photography

  • September 27th, 2017

Whether you are an architect looking for design inspiration or simply a lover of all things architectural, Instagram offers the perfect platform to while away the hours absorbed in beautiful architectural imagery. We recently polled our office and came up with the team’s top 5 Insta accounts to deliver an impressive dose of architectural eye candy.


Berlin based Matthias Heiderich is a young, self-taught photographer with a stunning ability to capture the complexities of colour in minimalist architecture. According to Heiderich: “When I go out I search for patterns, lines, colours, the abstracts of the urban landscapes to transform them into something new, take them out of their contexts. I enjoy playing around with forms, structures, and colours.” A scroll down Heiderich’s Insta posts and it quickly becomes apparent that his style adapts to his surroundings – from striking mono brutalist-inspired office blocks to candy coloured stairwells – and always keeps your eyes on their toes.



Another self-taught natural with an enthralling eye for architectural detail is French photographer Matthieu Venot. Venot is renowned for cropping building parts out of context, isolating features or zooming in on architectural detail to create a geometrical composition with a life of its own. His distinctive minimalist style – both calming and artistically inspiring – pays homage to the aesthetic value of the buildings and their integral parts.



Sebastian Weiss is a photographer and photo columnist with one very impressive Insta feed. Under the pseudonym Le Blanc, his images of beautiful fluid forms reflect his passion of concrete aesthetics and the beauty he sees in city shapes.  These days Weiss publishes his photos predominately on Instagram, finding both the technical workflow of mobile photograph and the Insta community interaction fascinating. According to Weiss: “Since I started using Instagram, my working approach has changed; my photographic style has also evolved. The small picture size of smartphone photographs requires different motifs and new approaches to photographing them.” And with 197K followers and counting he’s clearly nailed these approaches.



Another whose work has firmly established an impressive Instagram following is Swedish professional photographer, Jeanette Hägglund. With a fascination for architecture, Hägglund notes: “I’ve always enjoyed creating brutal, abstract and minimal architectural photos. I like to play with alienation and isolation – alienate and isolate your subject, and find the spots and details for recognition.” Hägglund uses her iPhone to take many of her stunning shots, manipulating immovable structures with it to make them appear both abstract and stylized.



An architectural Insta profile with a very distinctive style is Lebanese photographer Serge Najjar’s. Using the pseudonym Serjios, Najjar includes a model in each photo – walking, waiting or using flight of stairs. In doing so, he creates a singular space occupied by the onlooker and merging architecture and man.  According to Naijjar’s gallery, with his work “shadows become geometric sculptures; three dimensional shapes morph into planes. Perspectives tilt; the image is constructed; reality is cut; riffled through and rebuilt by the lines that surround us.” See the end effect for yourself @serjios.


For a dose of architectural inspiration closer to home, don’t forget to follow the Modscape Instagram account – @modscapeaus